Monday, December 27, 2010

Here I am!!!!  I was playing hide and seek.  No, I wasn't.  I think I was overwhelmed with so many things going on.  Bob's knee was getting really bad.  He had, yes had a torn meniscus, and it was only getting worse.  He had that operated on Dec. 1.  Now I truly believe it is time for him to go back to work.  But honestly he isn't ready yet.  He definitely needs more strength although it is improving.  It looks like it might be the middle of January at least before he gets back to work.  So I guess you know what has happened with all my plans.   PFATTTTTT   right out the window.  I just keep saying only a few more weeks.  Hang in there girl.  I'm hangin', I'm hangin!!!!!!

More news!!!  I entered a contest with one of my bags.  It was for the best use of their product in the bag.  I didn't win.  I have talked to the receptionist a couple times waiting for my bag to be returned.  If they sent it out last week I should be getting it soon.  But here is a picture.

I also have fabric picked out for 2 bags but I just can't seem to get very far in the process. For all my technique loving friends out there I found a new little gem.  Well it may not be new but it is to me.  I was in Joann's last week looking at books and ran across this one.
Creative Sewing
Techiniques by Machine
edited by Nancy Fielder
Published by AQS Publishing

Starting out I thought this book was just a simple instruction book until I got into it.  Oh My, Techniques, patterns, wonderful info.  A few I had used on other projects.  But some I had not.  This will be so much fun to try some of these.  If you can look this one up all you Technique people.

Time for me to get on out of here.  Great sewing to you all. 

Hugz, Kathy

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