Saturday, August 22, 2009

Helping Myself

I have not been doing much of that lately. I have had so much to do and haven't gotten much of it done. My biggest problem in life is I keep things. To many things. It is very hard for me to throw things away. Now in some areas that is fine, but in others it is not. So I am trying to convince myself it is ok to get rid of stuff, even if it is not broken. I am going through clothes and sorting out ones I will never be able to get into again and even if I could I wouldn't. I think I came by this quite honestly. My parents were children of the depression and threw out nothing. AND I DO MEAN NOTHING I will change this. I pick the right day or take a few minutes everyday to do one little thing to make some place in my home better. It will work---on spot at a time. Wish me luck.