Monday, February 14, 2011

Get Ready, Get Set, SEW

This is the day. I have finished 1 1/2 outsides to the 2 totes I am making. It seems like such a long process right now. It just seems like I can't focus on them. I am making sure I spend part of each day auditioning pieces in places. Today I should finish the 1/2. Then on to the linings and all that goes on there. You know...pockets, closures, handles, just all that stuff.

I am ready for spring!!!!! But for now I am just THINKING spring. I have a few quick projects in mind. Purse inserts for one. I really want to get craft show items done. Which means right now smaller items. Well I think I can do that.

The biggest hold up seems to be moving the craft room and finding room for everything. Bottom line....I can't find a darn thing when I need it.

Well, on with the day to get some of ^^^^^ accomplished.



Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Yes, here I am in snowbound Michigan.  Big dog went out this morning and looking at where the snow was on him we probably have about 15".  Little dog went out, turned around and look at me like "Mom you are crazy if you think I am going any farther than this."  The bad part of this is that it is still coming down and the wind will be picking back up.  Oh well.

What that really means IS this should be a good day for sewing.  NO INTERRUPTIONS!!!!!!!  Hubby is on his own and I have a bag to finish piecing and another one to finish.  I am thinking this could be a really good day.  Sewing day that is.

Sew on with the day.  Shove the dogs out of the way.  Make a pot of coffee and let the creative juices start flowing.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are.