Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ruffles Galore

Hello all my blog friends.  I have been lax.  My focus has been disturbed.  Bob would say it was me that was disturbed.  Not true!!!!  I will defend my uniqueness as just that.  NOT disturbed.

  I have been working on a pattern, no not one to share with you (I wish), but one I bought.  First to give credit to the pattern maker.  It was the Serged Satchel by Indygo Junction.  It is very cute with lots and lots of ruffles.  I was so intrigued by ruffles.  I still am.  I just don't know what there is about ruffles.  Let's see---they are cheerful--happy--carefree----they just make you want to giggle.  Well that is this purse.  Now you will say it is really cute AND it is.  I am just really glad you can't pick it up and check it over.  I kept finding things in this pattern that made little sense to me.  Now 7 years of 4-H and I should be able to read a pattern.  But I am telling you I was confused.  But what I just didn't get I faked.  So next time I will use my ruffler on my machine.  I didn't use my serger.  I was able to do it on my machine.  It turned out ok but will probably go in the bin of no return unless some little girl wants it.  Now so you don't think I am being really mean to the writer of this pattern, in all honesty my main reason for buying and using a pattern is for a technique.  AND from this pattern I learned a few things that I can use in the future.  Maybe I should just buy a really good sewing book and learn or relearn some of this stuff. 

I do think I should do another patchwork tote.  I have a couple I would like to make for gifts.  My sister and my niece would like to have one.  I know they should have already had one and now that I have told you I just will have to get them done.  

So for now I guess I should go.  
Catch ya later


  1. Your purse reminds me of the type in the late 60's...kind of a hippy bag. Carefree and moving freely! :)

  2. Oh Kathy, you are a woman after my own heart! I am just like you....I buy patterns to learn techniques, too, especially since I am a self-taught sewer. I thought I was the only one that did that! Plus, I have to agree with you on purchased patterns. Most of the ones I have bought make absolutely no sense to me. I have a few by Indygo Junction and after reading them I just shake my head and go "Huh?" That's why I prefer to make my own!

    But....your bag still came out looking really cute! And I agree with ya...ruffles are just FUN!
    (I also have a "bin of no return" - kindred souls, right?)