Saturday, August 14, 2010

Getting My Mojo Back

Hello Everyone!!!!!!!  It is pouring in Michigan.  Heaven knows we need it.  The GRASS is CRUNCHING!!!!!!!!!  It is a wonder it doesn't start burning just by stepping on it.  Such as it is in the summer.

But on to the fun stuff.  I am so working on that MOJO thing everyone talks about.  Somewhere this year mine has been misplaced but I am hot on the trail and the big fix.  I had been working (yes I said had) part-time for about 1 1/2 yrs.  I QUIT!!!  Got tired of all the politics.  Yea in a store with 6 employees there was politics.  Mostly by age.  I QUIT!!!  But the sewing had not been happening until the last posting with the bag.  It has been a slow process and is not done yet.  I have been picking out small pieces of leftovers.  I am working on getting something done with them.  I just know I can't throw them out--I must do something with them.  Now mind you some of these are maybe 1" x 4".  Now come on!  This is ridiculous.  But I just know I can do something with them.

I do have enough of those strips left from the Bali Pop pack to make another bag.  I need to find coordinating pieces to go with them.  I have also been playing with some new tools.  Working them into something I think I can use.  So I think going at it slowly I will have the MOJO back before to long.  My sister and niece are wanting bags AND my sister know someone else who might be wanting some for a craft shop.  I can't think that big right this minute though until that elusive MOJO gets back. 

Maybe when I get some of all these little ideas (and pieces) put together I can do more than think and draw I can do.  I WILL let you all know.

It is raining and with little interruption I plan on confining some of that sewing energy today to make some progress. 

Later Kathy


  1. Hey Kathy! Nice to see you post again! I know how it is when your MOJO takes a break, but it usually always comes back. Hope yours gets here soon!



  2. My MOJO has been lost for a long time now. I spent this past thursday and friday literally crying because I feel so lost and have lost my ability to just sit and sew something that looks like anything other than craXX! It is so frustrating. My energy level is different than it use to be, and my hands don't work like they use to, and I don't seem to have that 'vision' you need to create! YET, I have the desire to create something, anything!!! sigh~~~~ So, like me, just hang in there, and eventually it should return. DO NOT think you have to produce to sell. This is what really stopped my creativity because I don't want to please other people...I want to please myself with my sewing. Do you know what I mean?