Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I think I found where my Mojo went

This is to all my  friends whose Mojo has left.  I was thinking last night and trying to figure out where this Mojo thing went.  I decided that it is still here it is just waiting for me to get my stuff together before it comes back. 

What I discovered was that I have strayed from the basics. 
Now all of our basics are different.  What I mean by that is the bags you enjoyed making the most that is the basics.  Pull out that much loved pattern. One that you have really enjoyed making.  Pick some fabric that you have in your resource center that you bought because you just couldn't be with out it.  Put the 2 together.  That might be where the Mojo is hiding.  I think mine is peeking out from behind that piece of fabric shouting "Is it my turn NOW!!!!!!"   Well I am thinking it might be.
Just a thought.  Katti Lynn might appear again.

Hope you who have been struggling with that necessary element that YOU need to get back in the groove is hiding somewhere you haven't looked for a while. 

I am going to go check again!!!!!


  1. I agree! I was just thinking the same thing the other day. I'm making all of these different bags for an upcoming craft fair, and somewhere in the depths of my tangled up mind I heard, "Me, 'Beatrice', pick me!" "Beatrice" is the first bag I ever designed and made, and I haven't made her in a while. This week I've made two and it was so nice to visit her again! :o)



  2. Alas, Someone who gets what I think and knows I'm not weird.