Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saga of the 25 (part 3)

Like I said--Everything I had in mind was no longer available. After another couple weeks of searching I finally found another 4 to go with the original one she picked out. So the race was on. I knew that the first 3 would be patchwork and the rest of the 18 would be dumbed down as I called it. That was the expression I used for making it much more simple. With about 2 weeks I had the 3 patchwork one well on their way to being done as far as the outside went. The linings would be a breeze compared to the patchwork.

The patchwork were finished and I was pleased. I thought by now I would be starting to get sick of the colors. Well I had to move on to the dumbed down versions. That made it all new--not sick yet. The ideas all came together and I started cutting strips for this version. It took longer to cut the strips and get them ready to be applied than it did to put them on. Now keep in mind--each bag had 18 strips per side x 2 sides = 36 x 15 bags = 540. Yeah that's right 540 strips I had to cut and apply. I would cut cut cut and apply apply apply. Finally about the middle of April I had them done. When I would get sick of working on that part I would work on linings. I had an assembly line with about 5 different stages being worked on at the same time. Tires me out just thinkin' about it.

Just about the time I figured I would have them done by the end of May I get a phone call saying "Mom, this is Martha, I need 4 more bags. Will that be ok?" Of course I couldn't tell her no, now how mean do you think I am. One of the biggest events in this girls life and I am going to tell her NO!!!! I don't think so. So again I was on the hunt. Fabric was running low as far as 4 went, all but the crackle. Here's Murphy again laughing--loud enough I can hear him--couldn't even get to him to stuff his mouth. So I finally found a fabric that fit in the color range which was the main thing so they would all co-ordinate. I looked like wallpaper but I kinda liked it. Didn't have much choice now did I. Then I was paid a visit one night by the Martha family and oh---she needed 3 more for a total of 25. Uhhhh ok.......... I think I ate, drank and slept sewing 16/ 7. You don't sew when you are tired ya know---cause Murphy is waiting around the corner.

To make a long story a bit shorter. The new fabric (looked like wallpaper) wanted a trellis added to it to break up the bouquets----it had to settle for a picket fence. I worked like crazy. Had the bags done (25)-----had the linings done (25)-----had the handles done (50). Put them together---4 at a time---pin 4--stitch 4---press 4. Had to do them that way to break of the monotany. I pushed and did not make it by the end of May. But by the middle of June they were done. Yes DONE. D-O-N-E!!!!!!!!
Called Martha--they were picked up---And by now they have been passed out to the 25 girls to be used for the next year.

All I can say is Whew I think I need a break, at least for a couple days.


  1. This picture is so cute, and shows how much effor you put in for sure!


  2. I just love this! You're wonderful!

  3. Wow. you do need a break. Maybe a day at the spa? oh and someone doing dinner for you. and..and.. and... LOL These turned out great!