Monday, July 27, 2009

Having Fun

Yeah it was fun!!!! I was sitting quietly one morning and I had this idea for a purse. I have mentioned before that I love trying different techniques. Well I used one of those techniques in this purse. I have a book called "Simple Chenille Quilts" by Amy Whalen Helmkamp. I have made placemats using the faux chenille technique in this book. I didn't want to make a quilt--which I have never really tackled before--so I decided to use this technique for a purse. I am sure I will use this again because it has such a cool effect. One of these is a gift, but right now I can't tell which one in case she reads this blog. So what do ya think? Are they winners?


  1. Yes, they are winners, Thanks for the inspiration. #1 I my favorite. But then again, Number 2 is cool too. I am going to give this a try, I have done it before on a big bag, but it was the whole big bag and this is much more effective. Mary K.

  2. Thank you Mary. I think #1 is really my favortite too. # 2 was a bit of understated class and fit the recipient.

  3. They're bot lovely, but if I had to choose one...I'd take # 1 it has just a wee bit more POP to it than # 2. Great work, and can hardly wait for you to finish tweaking the pattern. Hugs Naomi