Friday, June 26, 2009

Saga Of The 25 (part 2)

February was getting a bit late in the month and we still hadn't been able to get together for the fabric planning session. I was starting to panic. I felt like I needed to get started by March and that might be cutting it close depending on life itself. Ya know, the best laid plans line or that guy Murphy who owns a monkey wrench. Well, I finally decided to have her pick up the main fabric and I would go from there. We decided on about 9 yards and she could get more if need be.

Finally about the 2nd week in March she brought the fabric. Orange, tan(light and dark), pinky( which I could get to go a couple ways by shade used). Now for you to understand the way I was feeling about then---Yellow is my least favorite color. I like the pale, I actually like yellow. Now you are confused I bet. Well to explain. I like yellow on other people---I look jaundiced. Don't wear it and don't stand close to anyone who does. Orange is very close.

Any way she brought the 9 yards and I figured it should be enough. I ordered an orange crackle that I knew would be perfect for the linings. I ordered 15 yards, planning on having enough left for a few other projects. I also had a bit of some other fabrics that would be perfect if I could find them and they were available somewhere.

I will have you know I couldn't find them anywhere. Murphy's law ya know. So the search was on and the panic was taking hold.

Check back for more of the Saga

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