Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I think I have found my way back.  I have been working on the MOJO  again.

I decided that you might all have the same problem I have been having.  Yup!!!  No MoJo.  AND way to many scraps.  I have been sorting and resorting and it still doesn't feel like I have all these scraps so I can just run with it.  As an explanation I must say that when I do my patchwork I use a double sided fusible web.  EEEEECK!!!!!  Oh misery!!!!  That only means that for one I can't press these pieces unless I am pressing them to something else.  Well I could but what an awful mess that would be.  Yuk!!!!!  Soooooo  I decided these were the pieces I needed to use up first.  This is what they look like tonight spread all over my kitchen table being the largest flat surface (other than my bed) in the whole house.

Now some of these pieces are getting pretty small in the bottom picture.

Well now that I think they are sorted and muslin is close by I will start tomorrow and see how much I can get done.

Wish me luck


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