Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Denim Bag--Keep getting better

  Well I finished the 3rd denim bag.  I made a few changes along the way.  But I think they only made the bag better.  I changed the shape of the flap and I added pockets to the outside.  When I finished this one I sent my friend Marti pictures.  I will tell you in a bit her choice.

Marti and I have been friends since kindergarten.  We went to school together right through till graduation.  During school we both had a love for horses and we would go riding together.  Actually I was on the back, behind the saddle, on her horse.  What fun we had.  Lots of conversations about boys, what else at 14.  But we have reconnected and that is when she saw my bags.  She asked if I could make her a denim bag as hers was wearing out.  I told her I would give it a shot.  She is also going to be taking in babies in her state. 

NOW for her choice.  She really liked the patchwork and I told her I thought it would work for a diaper bag or a purse.  So she chose----are you ready--- drum roll please.  She chose the patchwork and the last one (pictures below).  

   Which one would you have picked?


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  1. Hey Kathy! That latest bag is sooooo cool...I love the design. You did a fabulous job, my friend. And I think that's the one I would have chosen.

    Isn't it great to have friends that you have know your entire life? I'm still close with two of my friends I've known since 9th grade....they are still living in Louisiana so I only see them once a year, but we talk on the phone and e-mail each other all the time!

    Hope you're having a great day!