Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In The Making

I haven't been doing much sewing of late.  I have done a booty bag, which I am not sure I like.  I also have pieces cut out to do a raggy denim bag.  That is all they are cut out.  I also have a yard of just denim to do one from one of my own ideas.  Maybe using the Katti Lynn with a few changes.  Who knows--but I need to get at it.

I am in the mode of throwing stuff away and boy do I have the stuff.  Not fabric unless it is very small pieces but I even have some ideas for those.  Did ya ever have so many ideas that they just ran into each other and you had trouble sorting them all out.  That is kinda the way I have been lately.  Back to the old focus thing I guess.

My focus has been on getting rid of and downsizing stuff.  No I am not moving or anything like that.  I just need to get rid of stuff that has been hanging around way to long.  This has been in the way of sewing.  

On a better note---I am taking time each day to focus on something to do with my sewing.  This seems to prod me along.  Maybe by the middle of May I will have a couple things to show you.  


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