Monday, March 15, 2010

Livin' Life

Well it has been way to long since I added to my blog.  I did finish that bag and a friend of mine saw it and absolutely loved it.  Sooooo I gave it to her.

My son is spreading his wings and is living with 3 of his friends.  At this point is a trial.  But he needed to give this a try.  The day after he took the jump I had half of the carpet pulled from his room and the following day the rest was off the floor.  Plans are working out quite nicely for this room.  It is just not going fast enough for me.  Paneling will come off, drywall and paint will go on.  Laminate on the floor. Light fixture.  All the fun stuff is pretty much planned.  Hopefully it will be done soon.

Because of all that going on the sewing has kinda been slow.  What do I mean kinda.  There has been none going on.  I did order a couple patterns from "fabric for quilts and more".  I need a boost in the sewing department.  Too much work and to little play.  I am really excited about these patterns though.  I have a couple small things that I may pull out try to start.

Spring is hitting Michigan.  We have been having 50 degree temps.  But alas it is only March and we will probably have at least one more big snow storm.  We saw our first robin the other day and are now waiting for the hummingbirds.  They are so much fun to watch.

Well the spare room is calling.

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  1. Kathy, sorry there's been no sewing in your house lately....loved the hobo bag though. Come on over to my blog and enter my never know, you might just win! Hugs Naomi