Sunday, February 7, 2010

Following Patterns

Some of you know me from Yahoo Groups--others don't.  Well, those who do know that I like doing my own thing when I make bags.  This week I followed a pattern.  Yes I DID!!!!  It was really hard for me to stay on track with this one because that little voice just kept saying "But!!!!!!  Don't you want to do it this way.  It might be better this way.  Come on, ya know ya want to."  Well that was what I kept hearing.  I did do a few things a little different.  But nothing that would affect the appearance of the original pattern.  Right now I can't get a picture in here, but as soon as I can I will.

This is the Hobo Pattern from jcaroline.

http://www.jcarolin ecreative. com/Merchant2/ merchant. mvc?Store_ Code=JC&Screen= HOBO_BAG

I had the idea for members in the Yahoo Group "sewingtotebagsandpurses" to all work on the same bag so that some could help others with problems, just being funny in the suggestion.  Well of course I had to join in, it was my idea, oh my, not even thinking that far ahead when I mentioned it. But it was fun and I learned something new.  That afterall was the plan.  To learn something.

Now that bag is done I have enough fabric left to make another bag of some sort.  I really haven't figured out where I am going with it yet.  I have about three others that I am working on.  I don't quite have them on paper yet.  They are just floating around.  But the night is young and Bob is at his cousins watching the Super Bowl.  So it's me and the dog.

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  1. I love your bag...Boy, am I into bags too. Thanks or joining my blog and I have done the same. Your bag is just drop dead gorgeous.