Friday, June 26, 2009

Saga Of The 25 (part 2)

February was getting a bit late in the month and we still hadn't been able to get together for the fabric planning session. I was starting to panic. I felt like I needed to get started by March and that might be cutting it close depending on life itself. Ya know, the best laid plans line or that guy Murphy who owns a monkey wrench. Well, I finally decided to have her pick up the main fabric and I would go from there. We decided on about 9 yards and she could get more if need be.

Finally about the 2nd week in March she brought the fabric. Orange, tan(light and dark), pinky( which I could get to go a couple ways by shade used). Now for you to understand the way I was feeling about then---Yellow is my least favorite color. I like the pale, I actually like yellow. Now you are confused I bet. Well to explain. I like yellow on other people---I look jaundiced. Don't wear it and don't stand close to anyone who does. Orange is very close.

Any way she brought the 9 yards and I figured it should be enough. I ordered an orange crackle that I knew would be perfect for the linings. I ordered 15 yards, planning on having enough left for a few other projects. I also had a bit of some other fabrics that would be perfect if I could find them and they were available somewhere.

I will have you know I couldn't find them anywhere. Murphy's law ya know. So the search was on and the panic was taking hold.

Check back for more of the Saga

Sunday, June 21, 2009


This is the first installment of the Saga of the 25. 25 WHAT!!! You might say. Well some of you in some of my favorite Yahoo groups have been following the job that I have tackled. I have also posted a bit about this job in previous post. But I will start at the beginning.

One day, a friend of my sons who is a member of Job's Daughters, which is a girls organization, was at the house with her mother and sister. She was talking about her installation as state queen and the fact that they give tote bags to other girls around the state. She was looking at my photos of some of the bags I have made and the conversation ended up with would I consider making her bags. 18 was the number and I figured given enough time I could do it. No sweat. But she had to let me know by February so we would have time to talk fabric. That sometimes takes a while to find just the right fabric to all work. It takes 5 or 6 different fabric patterns to make my bags.

To be continued.