Sunday, November 8, 2009

Life and Retirement

I spent part of the day working on a bag that has been waiting to be finished, only to discover that I have 3 bags, a diaper bag, 2 cosmetic bags, 2 jewelry bags, a pattern or 2 that I want to study for the technique(like a drawstring) and who knows what all.  On top of all that our church is having a Christmas bazaar and want me to have a table.  I have maybe three bags that are finished and maybe a half dozen felted bags from a few years back.  I could maybe dig up a baby afghan or two.  Other than that I got nothin'. Not enough for two days!!!!  So unless I can be super woman and work at this day and night it won't happen.  I really am disappointed too.  I need to be more visible.  I just don't see any way it is going to happen.  To much work and to little play is what is happening.  I enjoy the work and in a few years I will quit.  Hmmmmmm So this is what retirement is like.

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