Friday, October 23, 2009

Variation of Katti Lynn

I have had to put the brakes on.  I have not been accomplishing much.  Working a lot of days and to many ideas.  I have one bag sitting here not finished because I can't get hold of the girl who wanted it with her name on it.  She may lose out if I can't get hold of her soon.  I also have a diaper bag going that I put aside because I couldn't stand it any longer and had to do a purse that the fabric was shouting, maybe screaming, at me.  So it is done!!!  I used the same basic Katti Lynn pattern and changed it a bit.  No Chenille on this one.  Just more little improvements.  AND of course more ideas for the next one.

I also have a zipper purse in mind.  This could be fun and maybe a bit out there.  I just haven't decided yet.  I am thinking I might tackle this one before Christmas.  I also think there are members of my family and a couple friends that need to have bags for Christmas.

I am sorting stuff out (what a job) in my computer/sewing wanna be room.  I have way to much stuff.  The bad part is, most of it is sentimental stuff.  A few craft projects that I want to try.  A woven basket that is not finished and needs to be so I can use it.  Two string art pictures that my mother had that look like a rainy, lazy afternoon thing to do.  I could go on for a few more but let's just say I have tried a number of things that are fun.

Well I guess I need another cup of coffee before I dive into the sorting today.

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