Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quiet Days

There really aren't too many of those in my life. A week ago we celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. That is an accomplishment these days. Our son took us to dinner for Chinese. Yummy!!!! We also picked out a couple plants for the yard and managed to get them planted within a couple days.

Other than that I spent the weekend sewing. I have piles of bags in some state of completion all over my sewing areas. Yes in this case it has to be AREAS, multiple. I have outer shells being stitched. Linings that are ready for pockets and pockets in the process. All cut, some sewn, some turned right side out and some pinned to be sewn. Soon, very soon this will all be done.

My stash is calling. I have not been through it since March, and oh my, I know there are things in there that are wanting to get out. Patience. I have to learn that every day. I must put all these ideas on paper so I don't forget.

Ok, good luck with that one, it takes quiet time. And we are right back where we started with not much of that valuable commodity. So on to the projects for the day. Maybe I will even get my dishes done.

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