Wednesday, June 2, 2010


 Well I was hoping to post before now.  I am still not sewing.  I want to make a new purse.  I have the pattern picked out.  I have fabric strips laying all over my table and I can't do anything with them.  My machine is getting some TLC.

My room in the making is STILL being worked on.  Hubby's new job is kicking him good right now.  4:30 comes mighty early when you aren't used to it.  All that means is he is worn out when he gets home.  AND every time he plans on working on it something goes crazy.  Over time is one thing.  Good for the pocket---bad for getting things done.   No power is another.  That was yesterday.  Found the problem and have a temporary fix which will be totally fixed today.  We are such a spoiled society.  Who would dream of not having running water.  And you can't have an outhouse where I live anymore. 

Well enough of that.  I have fabric laying all over my table.  Just waiting for the machine to come home.  Of course I have to make choices and I have 42 to choose from.  Somehow I have to whittle that down to about 19.  Oh this is so hard.  These are gorgeous Bali strips.  No 2 alike.  "Cotton Candy"  I absolutely love them.  The pattern  (yes I did say pattern) I have picked out is "The Teachers Pet"  by "Purse-onality Plus!"  I need to know how to do drawstrings for future designs and I will learn that from this pattern.  Hehehe and I liked it well enough to buy it.

I promise (hope that works out) to not wait so long before I post to my blog again.

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