Friday, October 23, 2009

Variation of Katti Lynn

I have had to put the brakes on.  I have not been accomplishing much.  Working a lot of days and to many ideas.  I have one bag sitting here not finished because I can't get hold of the girl who wanted it with her name on it.  She may lose out if I can't get hold of her soon.  I also have a diaper bag going that I put aside because I couldn't stand it any longer and had to do a purse that the fabric was shouting, maybe screaming, at me.  So it is done!!!  I used the same basic Katti Lynn pattern and changed it a bit.  No Chenille on this one.  Just more little improvements.  AND of course more ideas for the next one.

I also have a zipper purse in mind.  This could be fun and maybe a bit out there.  I just haven't decided yet.  I am thinking I might tackle this one before Christmas.  I also think there are members of my family and a couple friends that need to have bags for Christmas.

I am sorting stuff out (what a job) in my computer/sewing wanna be room.  I have way to much stuff.  The bad part is, most of it is sentimental stuff.  A few craft projects that I want to try.  A woven basket that is not finished and needs to be so I can use it.  Two string art pictures that my mother had that look like a rainy, lazy afternoon thing to do.  I could go on for a few more but let's just say I have tried a number of things that are fun.

Well I guess I need another cup of coffee before I dive into the sorting today.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I would like to know whatever happened to the good old days.  The days when you could go to bed and leave yours doors unlocked.  Whatever happened to your word being as good as gold. Whatever happened to respect.  Whatever happened to the days when Dads taught their boys to be boys.  And those boys took and dished out their licks.  Moms taught their girls to be girls.  Raising kids to have values and their word meant something.  Not to go after anyone who didn't agree with you or looked at you crosseyed.  What are we teaching our children.  I feel for the young parents who are raising their children today.

I am so proud of my kids.  My oldest struggled in school, but he is a whiz with tools.  Give him a few tools and a motor that need fixing and he is the one that will do it.  He has sole custody of his children.  He and his wife(not blood mother) are raising his children and have raised hers. He spent years waiting to get custody of them and has done a great job.

My daughter is in the Army.  20 yrs this year.  She serves her country to keep us all free.  She is a wife, a mom and step-mom.    She is my daughter.  I am proud to be her mother.
As daughters are to their moms---she is my soul.

My youngest son is one of the kindest, most tenderhearted people you could ever know.  He can make you laugh with his hillarious sense of humor.  Even if you don't want to.  He loves to duck hunt with his dad.  He is very good with kids and someday will have some of his own.  Animals and kids are drawn to him.  He is smart, sometimes to much for his own good which is another whole category.  He is trustworthy and I can say has rarely given me reason to worry.  He even listens to me although he won't always admit it.

I am just a proud mom who loves her kids.  Everyone should be so lucky.