Monday, September 21, 2009

My Friend Vanessa

Well, I promised to introduce you to my friend Vanessa, who I will probably refer to as Ness. I met this lady, let's see, about 23 ish years ago. I needed a babysitter and she was recommended by the one I was losing. So we talked and she got the job. That baby was about 7 months old at the time. She had 2 boys of her own that were young but in school. My little guy became the little brother. Oh the things those boys didn't think of. But what fun they had. It was good for my Bobby to have brothers since he was basically an only child. There was a large age gap between him and his sister. Any way, so much for how I met Ness.

We both sew. Although our focus is in 2 different directions. She sews mostly baby stuff and is working on a baby line of products. I do purses and totes (and anything else that strikes me as fun to do). I work on getting her to think out of the box since I get so many ideas. Now sometimes that is a challenge. She is a pattern person and I tend not to be.

We both manage to have trouble follow us although nothing bad. You know how there was always that friend when you were a kid that could make you laugh and forget how bad a day you had or would just listen if you had one of those day. Well that is how we are. Now mind you, we have no mercy with each other, and our spouses have days they stay clear and just shake their heads while we just laugh. Ahhh--We have no mercy on them either which is why they try not to be noticed when we are in one of those kind of moods.

Now you have met Ness and I am sure there may be more stories of our fun sewing days. And maybe even our not so fun sewing days.

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