Saturday, March 21, 2009

I have been really busy of late. I have a part time job plus I am in the process of making 18(maybe 22) bags for a friend of my son. She is a really nice girl and is part of the Job's Daughters. She is being install as a state Queen. I decided the best way for me to accomplish this large task was to start with the most important ones first. Which is the top 3 that are all patchwork with embroidery. The outer shell of those 3 are almost done. Then I can stitch them. Yeah!!!!!!
I have discovered that this is really a new thing to me, the blogging that is. But I have had suggestions of trying a tutorial, so that could be coming down the road. But first I have to finish these bags. It really sounds sort of exciting to share with others what I find the most fun. Which by the way isn't necessarily making just bags, but just being creative and having an open mind to new things.

I hope others who share my passion for trying new things will visit my blog on occasion and enjoy my ideas.

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