Sunday, April 26, 2009

It has been a couple weeks since I was here. But I had a thought, scary huh. I have a friend who is a published author of romance novels. Reading her blog I discovered that though the outlet is different the passion is the same. The need to be creative is the same. Her creativeness flows on paper in the form of a book. Mine flows with fabric and ends in a tote or purse. It is amazing that there is so much creativity and so many awesome places for it to go. We are all creatively intertwined. I understand your passion Mary. I will soon enjoy one of your products. Keep up the creativity and continue to let it flow.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Lost in thought

Yes I have been lost in thought. I have someone very close to me going to Iraq soon. Very soon. Everything will be fine I am sure No matter how much faith you have there is still a bit of worry that slips in.

But on to my passion and progress.
I have pockets ready to go. I really love making totes and purses. The creativity just wears me out somedays with all the ideas I get. I have taken to writing them down if I can. But ya know when I have one of those really great ideas I never seem to have paper or anything else to write on. Oh maybe a tissue but that sure doesn't hold up well for writing on. And the memory goes before I get to the paper.

The bags are coming along quite well. I am just taking it in stages.

I am chasing rabbits today. I just had a thought. I have been watching for the hummingbirds to start showing up. There is just nothing more fun that watching the hummers eating. We discovered we could pull them in last year just before they all left. But so fun to watch.