Thursday, April 4, 2013


It has been a couple months since I posted to this blog.  But here is what I have been doing. 

My granddaughter sent me a message after Christmas that she was being deployed.  Big issue---YES.  Then she says---"Grandma?  Will you take my puppy and train him while I am gone?"  Soooooo being the grandma that I am I said "Sure".  I think I had a memory lapse.  Puppy????  Big PUPPY!!!!  Shepard mix!!!  Syrenn by name.  I picked him up a month ago in Florida.  He has gained just shy of 20 lbs in one month.  AND he is definitely all puppy.  My 2 dogs are not totally thrilled.  Their laid back days are not the same.  So until September we are working around the visitor.

On to the sewing.  There isn't a lot of it going on.  I have picked a few things I can do while I give myself time out from the pup.  I have been going through scraps and sewing them together.  For what I am not sure yet.  But they will figure it out.  I have also been cutting out small projects, such as clutches and small snappy bags.  One day he will be extremely good and I can start sewing them together.  How much fun will that be when all those things come together.  Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!

I have decided it is time for me to make me a new purse.  That means I get to check out some patterns.  I have a couple print patterns that I really like.  I don't use many patterns but this one appealed to me enough
 that I bought it.  This pattern can be bought through

I am in no way affiliated with either Lila Tueller or Pattern Pile.  I just really like this pattern.  Now to see if I have the right fabric.



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    1. One of very few patterns I have purchased. It is always at the front of the pile.